Ham and Oyster Supper

Our Ham and Oyster Supper is attended by folks from miles around!

Join us:

Ham and Oyster Supper

7 Comments on “Ham and Oyster Supper”

  1. Maureen Blades says:

    Friends have been telling us about your oyster dinners and we’ve not been able to come yet – and don’t want to miss out in 2013! Are your dates regular, i.e., if last year’s fall date was the 1st Sat., then, this year’s will be Oct. 5? Don’t you also have a spring oyster dinner? Any others?

    Thanks for your help – and for putting on your dinners!
    Maureen Blades
    Bowie, MD

  2. jenn says:

    Hi, Maureen! We would love to have you come to our Ham and Oyster supper this spring — it will be April 6th this year, due to Easter.

    • bob good says:

      just left voicemail–need to get fall date up on calendar–please, I try to recruit folks to get carryouts, have picked up as many as 10–

  3. Donna Clark says:

    when is your ham and oyster dinner in oct

  4. Bob Good says:

    fall 2016 date is to be____? Thanks

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